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Are there any mistresses who got married by their partner?

A person came to me recently, looking for testimonies of mistresses who managed to get married by their partner ... already married ... This person is unfortunately not alone. Many people ask questions like this: Can one have a husband married to a man according to the Bible? I'm going out with a married man.
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How is a sauna session going?

How is a sauna session going? What should you do during a sauna session? - Psychologies. com answers The sauna is free, without obligation. But some rules, based on experience, can avoid inconveniences like feelings of suffocation, claustrophobia or headache. To enjoy it, it takes 1:00 to 1:30, with three passes in the sauna.
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My child only likes pasta

Your child does not like fruits or vegetables, which annoys you. How to balance your diet while preserving the relaxed atmosphere of the family meal? The advice of Laurence Haurat, psychologist and nutritionist. Anne Lanchon Decrease your level of requirement "From age 2-3, the child, who usually ate everything, is more difficult, confirms Laurence Haurat.
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To put magic into psychoanalysis

We hear that we are going bad, more and more badly. You agree? I see an incredible psychological misery developing. People captive on the Net, totally stuck in virtual relationships, for example. But also enormous suffering that is social: unemployment, work problems, environment ... People arrive on my couch because society no longer responds.
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What kind of therapy can help me overcome a rape?

What kind of therapy can help me overcome a rape? I was raped by a friend of my father when I was about eight years old. I spoke for the first time of this story ten years ago. But it is only this year that I decided to take the problem head on. What type of therapy do you advocate to overcome this kind of trauma and get rid of the disastrous consequences it generates in everyday life?
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It is necessary to believe in love

Stan and I had been together for six years when, a few months ago, he asked me to leave the apartment we had in common. He needed to take a distance, he said! In short, it was so bad between us that little by little, I felt that I had to tear myself away from him because I could not stand his moral tortures, the way he had to belittle me every day.
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