And hop ... New testimonials of restoration!


Today, I share a series of short testimonials from subscribers on the blog or on Youtube. God is faithful and is at work in each of our lives. To you who are in the breach for the healing of your marriage, be powerfully strengthened. God is not a man to lie, what He has promised you, He will certainly do it.

Psalm 33: 9 - For he says, and the thing happens; He orders, and she exists.

Psalm 147: 15 - He sends his orders to the earth: His word runs with speed.

Testimony of Neli

Hello Mrs. Aisha,

Today I am very happy and I want to share my testimony with you. My couple was in trouble for almost 4 years because of my husband's infidelities. There was no communication between us even though we lived in the same house. I was filled with bitterness and it was very difficult for me to forgive him. Since December 2016, I came across this site by chance. I followed your teachings and also participated in the fasting and prayer program you organized. I especially liked the teaching about "restoring your couple begins with you" and other similar teachings. The Holy Spirit comforted me. Today, Jesus healed me and I forgave my husband. Communication has not totally returned between us, but I see my husband differently and I can pray for him. I want to give all glory to God for this healing.

Thank you to you too and may God bless you abundantly.


Psalm 116: 1,2 "I love the Lord, for he hears my voice, my supplications; For he leaned his ear to me; And I will invoke it all my life

Testimony of D.G.


In divorce, my wife left me 3 months ago, after 32 years of marriage. Today, after coming closer to God in the name of Jesus Christ, through my prayers, the wind is turning! My wife is about to come back. Amen.

Psalm 118: 5 - I called on Jehovah from the bosom of desolation: The Lord hath answered me, put me away.

Testimony of Ivanne

Hello Aisha,

Thank you for this prayer [practical sheet for praying for her husband]. My husband had left my children and me for the holidays on the pretext that he was going on a mission; but it was to join his lover. It affected our relationship a lot because he was bewitched. He did not want to feel me anymore. He ignored me. He communicated with her in my presence without embarrassment. But today, thanks to prayer, everything begins to return to order. He even apologized to me in the presence of the pastor! I urge my brothers and sisters to persevere in prayer, for GOD is faithful. He is the GOD of the impossible and He acts without limit. Once again, Aisha thank you.

Psalm 66:19 - God answered me, He was attentive to the voice of my prayer.

Testimony of Yolande

I would like to bring another testimony concerning the restoration of my marriage. Some time ago, I testified that my spouse was present at the end of year holidays in 2017. After our court hearing, where I was quiet and at peace, he continued to call us on the phone for news.

Today during a conversation, he told me, after 5 years of separation, he did not want to have a relationship at a distance, but to have a life of a couple with me. His own words are: "To be together is better than to live far from each other and see each other from time to time." Glory to God !!! Two years ago, I begged him to come back to live at home, he refused, gave no news. [...]

When we talk to each other, he laughs a lot more, takes dance steps ... I dream of a church wedding to fully enter the blessing that God gives us. Thank you Aisha for this blog that helped me a lot, answered a lot of my questions! I am fully happy, but I continue to pray that God will continue the work of restoration that he began for us all.

(Excerpt from the testimony on the wall of sharing. Click HERE to read it in full).

Philippians 1: 6 I am convinced that he who has begun this good work in you will make it perfect for the day of Jesus Christ.

I do not know about you, but I am blessed by all these testimonies! It is glorious to see what God is able to do when we invoke him and when we give him back His place in our lives !!!

Some people are afraid to let God take control of their lives because they do not trust Him. But beloved, you have no idea what God can do with people who open their hearts to Him entirely! If you have never made peace with God, do not put off until tomorrow! Do it today!

John 16:24 - So far you have not asked for anything on my behalf.Ask, and you will receive, so that your joy is perfect.

Excellent weekend to all!