How to know if my ex regrets: 10 signs to know and exploit!


You have put in place actions to to make regret his ex and you want to know if it's effective? You will quickly get the answer thanks to the 10 signs that I reveal to you in this article! After a separation in love, some people decide to cut off contact with their ex and close completely to a return, especially during the first days and weeks after separation. However, it is not a situation that is frozen in time. There may be doubts, a lack or even remorse that sets in after the breakup. In these conditions we ask ourselves the same questions over and over again: how do I know if my ex regrets? How do I know if my ex will come back and think back to the past? Why is it important to know what our ex thinks after separation?

One of the difficulties of the reconquest is to know exactly how to understand and decode his ex, that is to say to know if your ex still loves you, without making any mistake of interpretation. Indeed, with the emotions, the love and sometimes even the advice of relatives you are afraid to make mistakes and misinterpret gestures, words or signs. What will make the difference in your reconquest is this faculty of analysis to put in place the right actions and the best possible communication.

In order to find out if your ex has any regrets, I suggest you discover the real signs, or the evidence that yours is no longer so sure of his decision. The goal is to make her / him doubtful so that a reconciliation is possible again. Indeed, if you manage to make him aware that he / she made a mistake in deciding to break, then you will have taken a big step forward because when remorse arrives, the reconquest is never far away. The question will not be over is my ex will come back but when my ex will come back!

Without going so far as to ask how to make her ex suffer or how to know if my ex is suffering, it is important to know if your ex regrets the decision and is considering a love reconciliation because it will facilitate your actions and especially it will put in confidence.

Thanks to the many coachings I did and conferences that I organized, I noticed that a question came up very often. It was not necessarily to know how to recover his ex but especially to know what he / she has in mind.How to know if his ex regrets is sometimes the first thing one thinks about before even talking about letter, radio silence, or other winback techniques. So it's a way to reassure oneself and to say that one has always a chance with his ex.

Understanding his ex is essential when conducting a reconquest because it allows to know exactly how he / she works and therefore it allows to better interpret his feelings. When one thinks only through one's own opinion, it is impossible to have the necessary objectivity. Nevertheless, positioning yourself according to your ex shows that you are aware of what needs to be put in place and thus you increase your chances.

And this situation where the ex who has left who wishes to return is much more common than one imagines. Moreover, I even created a training for this purpose, which you can find here in my shop: how to recover my ex that i left !

So, find out if he still loves me or if she still loves me despite the break knowing the various signs that do not deceive, this is a way to not only rely on the opinion of your loved ones. When we talk about objectivity, we must bear in mind that your friends, your family or even your colleagues are obviously close to you and therefore they may lack objectivity because they see you suffer.

Finally, it is important to know if my ex regrets to know if the actions taken are effective or not. The radio silence, the letter, the resurrection, the inverted psychology. If you have used these methods, it is by judging the attitude of your ex that you will consider their effectiveness because not all are necessarily effective in your situation.

Never forget that we must think before putting anything in place because we must choose appropriate methods. If you wish to be accompanied in this light, I invite you to discover the different forms of individual coaching here.

Let's get back to the subject, so how do we know if our ex still loves us and what are the signals that prove it!

How to know if his ex regrets: 3 major signs!

There are signs that do not deceive when one seeks to make one regret his ex and who are much more important than the others. These you realize that you are concerned so it is rather good sign but it does not mean that everything is played or that everything will be easy.

1 / The first sign of an ex who regrets: My ex wants to see me!

Wondering how to know if my ex regrets? It is clear if he / she wants to see you again and you do not insist specifically for this, it is that there is a good chance that your ex considers the pairing option with you !

After a separation, even if you can have good contacts and get along well with your ex it is not necessarily common to want to see / review regularly. This is what your ex can have in mind because of the regrets he / she may have.

Spend time with you, try to get closer because he / she may have trouble declaring it directly. It is therefore positive when an ex or an ex wants to see us again, except in one case. Indeed, if it's only for intimate moments then run away and keep your distance to see if his attitude changes or not.

2 / Does my ex still like me when he / she talks about the past?

The nostalgia is a sign of love. When we talk about the past and we refer to moments together or the positive comes out systematically is that the attraction is coming back or is still anchored.

When we say I still love him it is important to take a step back to find out if it's mutual. Love is tied to the past and the good times shared together. If your ex evokes them, it does not necessarily mean that he / she is totally crazy / crazy about you but that there is a little something that persists.

It's up to you to exploit it at best!

3 / How to know if my ex wants to return: he / she complains of the break!

An ex can complain about the separation and realize that it was not the best decision. It's not necessarily to you that he or she will do it but maybe to your friends in commonto people you know and who will bring you back.

At this point it is excellent news because it is a sign that your ex regrets, even if he / she is not at best you have a card to play and you have to enter his game. So the perfect moment to make his ex-boy regret having left us and for that you can use some tricks like arouse his jealousy, play in the fled I am you or even flirt with him to make your ex-boy doubt even more.

After addressing the 3 main signs, I would now like to mention the 7 other signs that show that your ex regret the separation.

How to know if he regrets having left me: 7 other signs

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, there are not just 3 signs to really be enlightened when you ask yourself how do we know if our ex still likes us and / or regret the break.

I found another 7 signals to say to myself my ex still loves me!

My ex regret me because he / she always speaks!

Messages when you wake up in the morning, evening calls that sometimes last hours, comments on social networks, your ex remains ubiquitous (e).

And even if he / she broke the relationship, it's not the same things for the contacts. Your ex is always talking to you and it's even regular! It's as if he / she was struggling to break away and wants to keep in touch because you are having a good time.

This is a good sign because it shows that your exchanges are important to him and he / she is not closed to dialogue and probably to see you, there is no resentment. Even better, there is complicity and that, any competent coach will tell you that this is an important step of franchie.

My ex is having fits of jealousy

Man breaking regret, here are 3 words that are absolutely not incompatible. In general, men tend to be impulsive and make decisions without much maturity. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see an ex, or an ex also, make fits of jealousy.

When we asked ourselves how to make regret his ex we have inevitably thought, sooner or later, of jealousy, but sometimes it is not even intentional. Even if I'm not a big fan of this method, in some cases see an ex / jealous / help to know that there is always a minimum of interest.

My ex makes me sexual advances

Having your ex who regrets does not necessarily mean that he / she absolutely wants to get back into a relationship.

However, there is always this attraction and this desire to spend time under the cover with you and that is exactly what can help the reconquest, you may have a card to play. But be careful to proceed with caution.

The idea is not to become sexfriend but you still have to maintain this attraction because sometimes it is what makes it possible to reform a couple, especially if the sexual complicity was with the appointment in the past.

How to know if my ex regret: he / she depresses since the separation!

How do I know if my ex is suffering ? This is another question that comes up often and that makes sense when we want understand the behavior of his ex. Indeed, it is a way to know if the break affects and it shows that it was not a simple decision to make and so your return will not be frowned upon.

If your ex feels bad, if he / she depresses since your departure, if you come back gently and you show him that you are able to evolve and make a clean sweep of the past, then a couple is highly possible.

My ex often apologizes

We can actually say my ex still loves me when there is a lot of excuses, regrets, and he or she often refers to the past. Even if seeing your ex does not please you, it shows that there is attachment and therefore he / she will be very sensitive to your change when you put it in place. This automatically increases your chances of reconquest.

Afterwards, you still have to distinguish between the real excuses and the excuses that are used to manipulate you because your ex asks you for a service.

My ex makes statements to me

Without hesitation, this is the sign that does not deceive when one wants to know if his ex regrets, and for which, you must not have doubts! This simply because nothing forces him to do it. This is not necessarily a good method of reconquest of love on his side but it remains a strong proof that can reassure you.

If you want to get back together you can take advantage of the situation but be careful not to delay too soon!

How to know if my ex regrets: he / she projects in the future with me

The next holidays, Christmas, New Year's Day, an upcoming outing to the restaurant, or even the anniversary of your meeting! Your ex thinks of you for absolutely everything. He / She does not exclude you and even plans things according to you, this is great news when you want to know if the ex still has feelings.

Even if your ex is nice, and he or she has the hand on the heart, it's even surprising that we want to spend as much time with a person that we left! This shows that there is still attachment and you must try to re-educate your ex by setting up actions in the rules of the art.

Now you know the 10 clear signs so stop wondering how to know if my ex regrets. Now it is no longer useful to ask you questions. You must act by using the best methods to accentuate your regrets and urge him to return.

To do this properly, I refer you to my training how to show his ex that we are compatible, and which will give you in detail the actions to put in place to create a rapprochement.


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